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911SC 84-89

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Level 1 & Level 2  Upgrade Kit Porsche 911 3.2L MY 84-89

The Level 1 Upgrade (HFM) provides a performance increase of approximately 25HP and 20ft/lb via mounting a HFM Air Mass Sensor and K&N Filter.

Re-mapping the Motor DME in our 4-Wheel Superflow-Dyno gives you proven performance.

see Dyno-Video here

Special modifications were made to the throttle body including replacing the Airflow Meter into a HFM-Sensor similar to what the current model year cars have.

Adjustments to the Air/Fuel mixture and Ignition Timing was carried out in our 4-Wheel Superflow-Dyno.

Level 2 (Supercharged)

Upgrading from a Level 1 Kit to a Level 2 Kit gives you the HFM-Sensor including a Centrifugal-Supercharger and a high efficient Air Cooler. Also included is a Blow-off Valve to prevent overpressure.

RSP 911SC vs Stock-Engine
Basic Engine: 3.2L (231HP Non-catalyst version)
Transmission: Manual 5-Speed (915)
Compression ratio:  11.3:1
Boost pressure:     ~  5 PSI/0.45bar
Maximum Power:  
242 kW (325HP)  @  6300 rpm
Maximum Torque:
376Nm (278ft/lbs @  5450 rpm
see Dyno-Diagram

The Level 2 Kit includes:
- Supercharger (Raptor)
- Customized Air Cooler
- High Performance Air Hoses
- K&N Filter
- Air Mass Sensor HFM incl.Housing
- Blow-off Valve
- Customized Crankshaft Pulley
- 6-rib micro-B Belt
- 2.5" Charger Pulley
- Mounting Plate
- Reprograming DME on the Dyno
 including Incoming & Performance
* the A/C system will be replaced

Stainless Steel High Performance Exhaust System w/o Catalysts, tweaks power and torque another [email protected]/lb

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