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986 Boxster

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This is the ultimate upgrade for the Boxster 2.5L/97-04 MY

RSP custom Boxster 986 conversion from the stock 2.5L engine with 204 Horse Power and 177 ft/lb Torque at the Flywheel to the current model engine 2.7L with  220HP and 208ft/lb.

Special modifications to the Motor Management is essential in order to reach a constant and powerful acceleration in each rpm range, and a peak power of 220HP.
After upgrading and preparing the DME for Re-Mapping, Air/Fuel Mixture and Ignition Timing will be adjusted and confirmed on our Superflow-Dyno AWD 300.

986 Boxster Conversion
Basic Engine 2.5L/ 204HP
Transmission: Manual 5 Speed
Compression ratio:  11.0:1
Maximum Power:  
161 kW (220HP)  @  6300 rpm
Maximum Torque:  
281Nm (208ft/lbs @  4600 rpm

We always analyze and diagnose the Income Power in our 4-Wheel Superflow Dyno to read the real Stock Power and Torque. During the test we are also collecting  "Engine-Data" via a special diagnostic tool to confirm the health of the engine. The engine DME will be redesigned on the Dyno to get the most efficiency out of the car.

Most of the engine parts can be flipped over to the newer 2.7L style. We call this the "Smart" Conversion Kit because it combines economy and efficiency all in one package.The car is more reliable,powerful and more fun to drive than before.

Click here for Dyno-Run-Video

For track events, we can install a customized Shift-Light Indicator
Click here for Shift-Light-Video

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