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987 Boxster"GT"

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This is the ultimate upgrade for the Boxster/Cayman MY 2005 and up

RSP custom developed 987 Conversion Kit from 3.4L to 3.8LX51, featuring additional 110HP (Flywheel power). We analyze and diagnose the income power in our 4-Wheel Superflow Dyno to confirm the real stock-power and torque.
see Dyno-Video here

Special modifications to the X51 Porsche engine is essential in order to reach a constant and powerful acceleration in each rpm range, and a peak power of over 400HP.
After upgrading the engine components, the heart of the engine (DME) needs to be re-mapped, which is one of our specialty. The Air/Fuel Mixture and Ignition Timing is adjusted and confirmed on our 4-Wheel Superflow Dyno

RSP 987 Boxster GT-Conversion Project
Basic-Engine 3.8L X51 (380HP)
Transmission: Manual 6-speed with
Compression ratio:  11.3:1
Maximum Power:  
301 kW (406HP)  @  7300 rpm
Maximum Torque:  
445Nm (328ft/lbs @  5450 rpm
see Dyno-Diagram

A modified intake manifold with special air filter system and GT3-Maf modification provides ample combustion air. The perfect interaction of all these components including the complete stainless steel high performance exhaust system with high performance 200 cell catalysts, increases the maximum power output to 406HP bhp and a peak torque of 328 lb-ft.

see exhaust-video

In addition to the engine conversion, we outfitted the body with customized aero-dynamically efficient components including a fiberglass "GT" front spoiler with embedded fog lights. Tailored light alloy wheels with 19-inch diameters. Precision calibrated "BilsteinPSS9" suspensions offering the mid-engine sports car even better handling characteristics. For track events, a Shift Light Indicator was installed.
see shift-light video

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