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991-Exhaust Conversion

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2014 Porsche 991 3.8L Exhaust Conversion

We installed one of the first OEM quality German made exhaust systems for the Porsche 991 Series with stainless steel headers, high flow efficiency catalyst converters, and mufflers. 
With a RSP Custom Dyno Tune on our SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 AWD Chassis Dynamometer, the power gain is approximately 10HP (flywheel) and 12 ft/lbs of torque through the entire rpm range.

2014 Porsche 991 4S

Engine: 3.8L (MA 1.03)
Factory Stock Max HP [email protected]
Factory Stock Max Torque 325ft/[email protected]

Incoming Max HP [email protected]
Incoming Max Torque 296ft/[email protected]

RSP Exhaust Conversion
Max Torque 308ft/[email protected]

• Stainless steel exhaust system including stainless steel headers.
• High flow sport catalyst converter.
• Stainless steel mufflers.
• Vacuum resonance flaps.
• Emission test approved.

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