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This is the ultimate upgrade for your 90-98 Porsche 964/993

RSP custom 993 Supercharger Kit featuring over 100 bolt-on horsepower. The 993 Supercharger Kit utilizes the Eaton, a positive displacement supercharger mounted on top of our custom modified intake manifold to generate 52% more power.

RSP 993 Complete Conversion Project
with Aero Bodykit GT2 Style
Engine size: 3595ccm
Transmission:6-Speed Manual
Compression Ratio: 11.3:1
Pressure Rate: 0.3 bar (3.5psi)
Maximum Power:  
370 HP @ 6600 rpm
Maximum Torque:
316 ft.lb. @ 5600 rpm

A supercharger provides lag-free performance at lower boost without the need for internal engine modifications. The end resulting in an affordable, reliable, high-yield, and performance upgrade for those seeking high-performance and everyday reliability.
The RSP Custom 993 Supercharger Kit is designed to work with a completely stock engine. No internal modifications are necessary. Camshaft replacement is an optional choice.

The integrated high efficient RSP custom developed Intercooler Kit adds 45 horsepower to the already powerful 993 Supercharger Kit. The all new RSP Intercooler Kit enables you to safely experience the full power of the 993 Supercharged engine.

The RSP Custom 993 Supercharger Kit does not compromise reliability and driveability. The additional torque produced at lower engine revolutions, enhances the everyday driveability, thus enabling higher gear selections around town.
We also modified the stock DME with a customized fuel and ignition optimized MAP in our Diagnostic Centre and tested in our Superflow "In-House" 4-Wheel Drive Dyno-Chassis.

RSP recommends this wing be used with care for time trials or racing. Manufactured of composite material with an adjustable center upper section, it provides more or less down force as required with air inlets that allow for extra engine cooling. When used in conjunction with the GT2 style front spoiler, this wing gives your 993 more stability and lower lap times. Our custom wing bolts to your original engine lid for a perfect fit.

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