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your experience with RSP-Motorsports Inc. is important to us.

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here some testimonials from satisfied clients
THANK YOU RSP Motor Automotive!!!!!!! Picked up my car today and 'no charge' for the paint job. They went to bat for me
with USA Insurance firm that was trying to jack me around.....your the best Renato!!!!!!
Heather Broadhead

RSP Motorsports services all three of my Mercedes vehicles and they have been great to deal with. Very honest shop with reasonable rates. Always going above and beyond to make sure you are a satisfied customer! 
Brian Alan 

I have dealt with the RSP-Motorsport team for over 4 yrs now and have worked closely with Renato first in the development
of a supercharger for my Boxster and most recently a purchase of a 4 litre 911 Carrera S conversion. His work has
been exceptional .I have always been impressed with his professionalism and expertise. His prices have been fair
and he stands by his work. He was always available to answer questions and concerns. It is only because he did the 
conversion on the Carrera S and brought it to showroom condition that I was even interested in purchasing it .The 
performance is nothing short of amazing.I would entrust no one else to work on my Porsche .Their Dyno facility and 
shop are immaculate .I would expect nothing less from a Swiss mechanic/engineer. 
Dr Harold Hynscht

This is a unique, and high-end shop near London, Ontario. My jaw dropped when I walked in there the very first time. 
They have state-of-the-art tuning and repair services and highly experienced technicians; each trained to work on 
specific brands. Sure, you could go to the dealer, but if you want real, one-on-one advice without feeling pressurized,
and instead getting to choose between alternatives that work just as well, like repairing, rather than replacing 
(which is what dealers do) and actually get to the bottom of a problem, then this is your shop. And if you just look around
what is parked in there with hundreds of owners of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Mercedes's, entrusting their valued
possessions to them, then I don't have to tell you that I am not the only one thinking this. Excellent.
Yuri Pool

I’ve been dealing with RSP now for a few years and my experiences have always been great. No BS…just drop my
vehicle off at my appointment in the morning and pick it up when it’s done. Thank you RSP team for your 
professionalism, attention to detail and the amazing service.
Gibran D.

I have been a loyal customer for over 4 years at RSP-Motorsports, and I honestly can’t imagine trusting anyone
else with my Porsche, no matter the problem.The RSP-crew are incredibly knowledgeable and the team is truly 
your best bet for a thorough and professional repair or tune-up of your vehicle.Renato takes the time to explain the
issues and as always help me with honest advice and reasonable pricing on all my problems.

I went to 2 different shops for the problem i was having with my X5. The third shop was RSP-Motorsports, I wish it was
the first… Not only did RSP find the problem but found other work that the other shops did not. Donna at the front desk
greeted me offered me coffee and juice for my daughter. My X5 has never ran better. Being a mother of a 3 yr old, safety
comes first. I would definitely recommend this shop!

My dad and I have serviced three different Porsches for just over four years at RSP-Motorsports . From my personal 
experience, I can say I received as good or better service through RSP as compared to larger dealers in town while
at a fraction of the cost. From a service perspective, being able to communicate directly with the mechanics who 
perform the work on your vehicle is extremely valuable and unavailable at larger shops. RSP consistently makes the
time to convey the issues at hand and has provided me honest advice as to how he would service his own vehicles.
To evidence this shop’s commitment to customer service, RSP has provided me advice outside of business hours on
countless occasions. As long as I own a Porsche it will be serviced at this shop. Thanks RSP-Team, I really appreciate
all your help over the years.”
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