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Dyno-AWD 300

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Dyno Cell

We house a SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 AWD Chassis Dynamometer that can accurately measure 1200+
whp (wheel horsepower) and speeds of 200 mph (300kph) using the
latest technology in electronic data acquisition and practical engine function graphing techniques.

Our AWD Chassis Dynamometer combined with our Drive Wind Simulation and Air Flow Systems
realistically simulate
the road conditions in test operations.


Maximum Wheel Power.....1200+ hp (895 kW)
Speed Rating.................... up to 186 mph (300kph)
Control Accuracy.............. ± 0.1mph (0.2kph)
Wheel Bases.................... 85"-130" (235 - 330 cm)
Maximum Vehicle Widths.. 100" (254 cm)
Roll Diameter..................... 30" (76.2 cm)

Here are some of the tests and diagnoses we perform:

- Perform acceleration, step, and steady state
  tests at all throttle positions.
- View real time torque output at steady and changing
  speeds to instantly
  evaluate changes made to the engine's fuel or timing maps.
- Diagnose engine and drive train problems.
- Identify drive train frictional losses.
- Troubleshoot driveability issues.
- Run track lap simulations.
- Emissions drive cycle simulation.
- Any many more.....

Car Computer Lab

Our Computer Test Lab is fully equipped with the latest technology, manufacturer  

testing and diagnostic tools. Some of the services we provide are:

- Engine Data Recording

- Engine Map Modification

- Performance Optimization

- DME Analysis

- DME Control Unit:  Modifying, Re-programming, Repairing

- Fault Analyzing, Diagnostic & Troubleshooting

- Motor Simulation

- Engine Optimization or Conversion

- Transmission Gearing

- Check Speedometer Calibration

- Sprint Booster System Install & Customization to DME for faster throttle response

- And many more...

Data Acquisition

Sensor Box

- Expanded memory capacity for 32,000 lines of data.

- Modular sensor input architecture allows you to add more inputs.

- Compact design won't crowd your test cell.

- Ethernet connectivity provides fast, industry-standard data transfer.

- Up to 8 optional LCDs measure any eight channels you choose.

- Pressure, temperature and analog input panels, or engine control panels.

- Lambda (O2-Sensor) Data recording.

- OBD Interface for Data recording.

Analyze the Data

For each test, you can view up to ten user-defined pages in tabular format. When the test is completed, simply click on

the graph icon and WinDyn automatically generates up to ten different plots of the test data. Your tabular data

and graphical data can appear side-by-side on the screen for easy comparison. You can quickly overlay test

data to compare it graphically with up to ten simultaneous overlays.

We can analyze:

- 2WD Front/Rear, or 4WD

- Engine HP - Engine RPM - 8x Temperature Channel - OBD Interface

- Wheel HP - Vehicle Speed - 8x Pressure Channel

- Engine Torque - Down Coast - 2x Lambda (O2) Wideband

- Wheel Torque - Air Temperature - Vap

Fault Analyzing, Diagnostic, Troubleshooting

The modern day car has increasingly complex electronic components which communicates together via a CAN bus systems, thus troubleshooting can  become very complicated through it.

In our Lab and Dyno Chassis we can debug electricical problems with original diagnostic tools to analyze any faults in the systems. Alarm systems, engine immobilizer, speedometers, engine management, stability program  and other tuner amplifiers can be programmed

in any given reason.

DME Control Unit

All data relevant to engine management are fed to the DME Control unit and is linked to many other control units via a data bus system. With our diagnostic tools we can read, change, and reprogram all the sensor signals between the engine and the other control units.

Engine Optimization

In order to gain optimal horsepower and fuel efficiency from your engine you need to perform several dyno runs to measure the power output of the engine while varying different engine parameters (timing, mixture, advance curve, etc.). After carefully analyzing the data we

can determine what the best values are for your engine management system map.

Transmission Gearing

One of the benefits of dyno testing is the ability to design your transmission ratios to meet the exact power characteristics of your engine. Depending on where you want optimum performance, you can install taller or shorter gears into manual transmissions.

The results of a dyno test will give you specific horsepower numbers for each rpm range and allow you to tailor your transmission gearing to suit your desires.

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