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Fun Run June 2010

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..we like to say thank you for everybody who joined with us
the FunRun ride from London to Stratford.We had 35 mixed exotic
cars like Porsche,BMW,Ferrari and Honda NSX.

...and a thank you to all our helpers like
Gary Long and Sean&Baky Batte


we will also thank you "Jeremy Chan"
for shooting all the beautiful pictures for us!

if you like to see more from Jeremy Chan`s professional photography
please visit the website

Download a Fun Run Version
for Ipod or Blackberry

3GPP-small (1.77mb)

MP4-small (4.70mb)

we like to give also a big Thank You to "Brad and Sue Groshok"
for shooting all the beautiful and professional pictures for us!
for more pictures from Brad Groshok please visit

or if you need anything around Internet-Service
High Speed Access etc.

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