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Performance Service and Upgrades

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Whether you want to improve track performance, or desire a unique and more enjoyable street car, we offer a 

variety of products and services catered to your needs and budget. We use only the best premium products

available to enhance and personalize your car.

To ensure your car is performing at the optimum level, final testing is performed on our SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 

All-Wheel-Drive Chassis Dynamometer for comprehensive data monitoring and performance testing.

Some of the performance services & upgrades we provide: 

- Brake Upgrades (big brake kits, performance brake pad and fluid, SS brake lines)

- Clutch and Drivetrain Upgrades (sport clutch, lightweight flywheels, diffs)

- Engine Upgrades (increased displacement, cylinder heads, camshafts, oil coolers)

- Exhaust Upgrades (high flow exhaust systems, downpipes, headers and manifolds)

- Forced Induction Upgrades (turbochargers, superchargers, intercoolers)

- Software/Chip Upgrades (pump gas, race gas, anti-theft/ valet, "stock")

- Suspension Upgrades (coilovers, dampers/springs, swaybars)

- Transmission Rebuilding & Upgrades (limited slip diffs, gear ratio changes)

- Wheel & Tire Upgrades (plus-sized lightweight wheels & tires, winter wheels &tires)

- And many more....

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