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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection

If you are considering the purchase of a pre-owned European luxury car, the least expensive form of insurance you can buy is to have the car inspected
by a professional technician with product knowledge
and experience to help make that pre-owned car turn
out to be an enjoyable experience.  

RSP-Motorsports has built a strong reputation for
inspections that are concise and complete. Many
satisfied buyers have purchased their car from out of state, sight unseen, based on our recommendation
alone. Our inspections include full visual inspections, inside and out, over and under, road test, function tests, and much more.

The recommendation often is very dependent on the buyer's needs and wants. What may be a great buy for one person might not be for someone else. We have a wide
variety of tooling and expertise to affect just about any
kind of repair that your newly purchased car might
require. From engine rebuilds to cabriolet tops, from electrical problems to broken brackets, we are well equipped to return your car to its original condition.

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