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We provide transmission service to manufacturer's standard and specifications, and offer rebuilding of the transmission as an alternative. We can modify your existing motor and transmission or build a new one,
providing maximum horsepower and torque when you need it. We have been in the business since early 1980's building engines and transmissions for European Luxury Cars and Exotics, and offerthe complete capability of
engine building from a straight 2 Litre Porsche 911 or 308 Ferrari to a full race engine or any Supercharged
or Turbo modified engines.

We also know that a well built transmission can bring out the best of two worlds - engines and transmissions
that perform at a reasonable cost.
At RSP-Motorsports we ensure that you receive the highest level of performance and reliability from our
products. Upon project completionwe make sure that it is checked and performed to manufacturer`s
specifications including comprehensive data monitoring and performance testing on our SuperFlow AutoDyn 30
All-Wheel-Drive Chassis Dynamometer.
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