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Easy Steps to Preparing your Porsche for Winter Storage

1.   Set the date.
2.   Wash and clean, inside and out including the wheels. The car should be taken for a short test drive after being washed to dry out the brakes.
3.   Gas it up to keep out unwanted condensation or water build up that can happen when a car sits all winter long. If your garage is not climate controlled you might want to include a fuel additive.  Read the directions and use the proper amount for your tank size. Put it in prior to filling the tank and then make sure you drive for a few miles to get the additive throughout the entire fuel system.
4.   Inflate Tires to about 3.5 bar or 50 psi to prevent flat spots.
5.   Check and/or top off the anti-freeze. Once topped off, be sure to run the car for a few minutes to ensure that fluids are properly circulated throughout the engine block.

6.   Disconnect the battery or attach a trickle charger. Avoid starting your Porsche and letting it "warm-up" or run to charge the battery. This simply allows condensation to develop or collect in your motor and you won't get it hot enough to burn it off.  Things to remember if you do decide to disconnect the battery:
a.   Always disconnect the negative terminal.
b.   If applicable, you will need to have your radio code handy  in the spring to get  your system functioning again (RSP-Motorsports can help you with this).
c.   If your Porsche is equipped with an electric  hood latch, be sure not to close the hood all the way. If you do, give RSP-Motorsports a call in the spring. A simple way to avoid this is to place a small piece of foam padding under the latch preventing it from engaging.
7.   No Parking Brake. Put the car in gear or park and don't apply the parking brake. Why risk having the parking brake freeze or bind over months of storage. If you are worried about your Porsche going for a drive without you behind the wheel, a simple and inexpensive wheel chock works very well or grab a piece of wood from the wood pile and snug it under a tire. This will work just as well.
8.   Cover it. Even if your car is stored in a garage, it's a good idea to keep it covered this way you don't have to worry about anyone or anything bumping into or crawling on or over your nice paint.
9.   Save some Money. Call your insurance company and let them know the car is off the road.

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